compagnie drapés aériens - Fred Deb

Danse aérienne et cirque contemporain

Santa Barbara’s First Aerial Dance Festival

Among them is Fred Deb, a graduate of the famed Centre National des Arts du Cirque (National Circus School) in France and one of the original creators of aerial fabrics. Deb now runs an aerial dance festival of her own in France, as well as heading up her company, Drapés Aériens. Paloma waxed rhapsodic as she discussed Deb’s impact on the art of aerial dance.

“It’s amazing to be living in a time when we can work with someone who actually created the apparatus we’re working on,” she said, adding that as a performer, Deb “oozes sensuality. You want to watch her walk. She can just sit on stage and make a hand gestur, and you’re riveted.”